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Linker Vision Unveils Groundbreaking Large Vision Model at NVIDIA GTC, Leading the New Era of Vision AI

San Jose, Calif.—March 18, 2024, PRNewswire —

Taiwanese AI trailblazer Linker Vision showcased its breakthrough achievements with its Continuous Learning AI Platform combined with Large Vision Model technology at the NVIDIA GTC 2024 AI conference. Through successful collaborations forged through the NVIDIA Inception program for startups, Linker Vision's AI platform employs the core products of NVIDIA Metropolis to create innovative solutions for an end-to-end Continuous Learning AI Platform.

With a data-centric approach and continuous learning mechanism, working with a state-of-the-art 360-degree 4K zero-distortion camera system, Linker Vision has demonstrated advanced vision AI applications in areas of smart cities and AI factories. Such applications have already been deployed in Kaohsiung City, which is considered as one of the most innovative cities in Taiwan.

Dr. Paul Shieh, Founder and Chairman of Linker Vision, said, "Linker Vision is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI technology and applications, achieved through our Continuous Learning AI technology and cutting-edge Large Vision Model. Our close collaboration with the NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem, utilizing its comprehensive application framework, such as NVIDIA DeepStream, TensorRT, and Triton, significantly accelerates the development process of vision AI, ensuring that our solutions remain at the forefront of the industry."

Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Lo Ta-Sheng, highlighted the synergies of working with Linker Vision: "We're on a mission to make Kaohsiung a beacon of smart, sustainable living. With Linker Vision’s advanced AI technologies, we're creating an intelligent city that's smarter in every way — from our factories to our city."

Shieh echoed these sentiments, underlining Linker Vision's commitment to innovation and partnership, “Innovation is in our DNA, and we're always looking for like-minded partners. With our Continuous Learning AI and collaborations, like the one with the 360-degree 4K camera system, we're bringing next-level AI solutions to life.”

Linker Vision's presence at NVIDIA GTC is more than a showcase. It's a promise to keep pushing AI forward, not just for Kaohsiung or Linker Vision but for smarter cities and their inhabitants around the world.

Linker Vision Booth at NVIDIA GTC 2024 Metropolis Pavilion #423
Linker Vision Booth at NVIDIA GTC 2024 Metropolis Pavilion #423

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