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Transform Your Real-Time Video Analytics with Observ

Where Cutting-Edge AI Meets Seamless Edge Deployment

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Observ - Using AI

The ultimate tool for real-time video analytics and edge AI management, designed for top performance and flexibility. It transforms how you handle and use video data.

Production-Grade AI

​Harness the power of robust, industry-leading AI technology designed for real-world applications.

Customizable Event Rules

​Empower your analytics with tailor-made event rules that match your specific needs.

Edge Management with OTA

​Streamline your operations with efficient edge management and hassle-free OTA updates.

Jumpstart your analytics with a platform that's primed for immediate deployment, turning complex data into actionable insights with ease.

Ready to Use

Adapt and evolve your analytics criteria, ensuring a perfect fit for various scenarios and requirements.

High Flexibility

Stay ahead in the game with a platform that evolves, learns, and improves continuously, ensuring your analytics remain top-notch.

Continuous Learning

How It Works


Discover the Power of Observ

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