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Website Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Welcome to Linker Vision, Corp. site.
Linker Vision, Corp. (“Linker Vision”) values each and every one of its client's rights to the protection of their privacy and personal data (the "Data"). With this in mind, we ask you to please carefully read the following Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (the "Policy"):

Scope of Data Collection
Linker Vision will collect, process, and use the data provided by clients for the purpose of providing requested relevant services and conducting client management and business promotion. Such Data may include individuals' names, corporate' names, departments, professional titles, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and other personal information appropriate for the scope of representation.
The client may choose not to provide us with any Data but should do so with the understanding that this might affect Linker Vision’s capability and efficiency to provide requested services.
Collect, Process, and Use
Within the scope of the aforesaid purposes, Linker Vision will use the Data solely for the purpose stated to you and will use the Data in the country or territory where it’s located. Linker Vision will not utilize the Data unless otherwise instructed by you.
Linker Vision, upon collecting the data, shall keep, process, and use the data internally for the purpose of providing the service requested by you. It follows the local laws and regulations and will not provide the Data to a third party within or outside its territory.

Protection of the Data
This website is hosted on protected servers to enhance the protection of the data. Only authorized personnel is given the authority to obtain the data. Aforesaid authorized personnel is restricted with NDA, and by disclosing the Data, legal actions will be taken against such personnel.
If, upon business request, the Data is bid to be provided to the relevant business unit, strict codes and conducts will be implemented to ensure the security of the Data.
Linkage to External Websites

Any third-party websites provided by or connected to the Linker Vision website do not apply to the Policy.
Share of the Data
Linker Vision will not share the Data collected on this website with any third party, excluding the below circumstances:

  • Agreed by you

  • Requested by law

  • For the welfare of the public

  • For the welfare of yourself

  • Illegal behavior conducted by you against Linker Vision and the public

Usage of Cookie
Linker Vision use cookies for storing and honoring your preferences and settings, enabling you to sign in, and providing interest-based promotion. If you wish to disable Cookie, please see below:

  • Chrome™: Cookie Settings

  • Firefox®: Cookie Settings

  • Internet Explorer®: Cookie Settings

  • Safari®: Cookie Settings

Amendments to the Policy
Timely updates of the Policy will be provided on the Linker Vision website, and all rights reserved to Linker Vision, Corp.

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