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Linker Vision Leverages AWS, Together with Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, to Showcase New Technology and Release of VisionAI Platform at CES 2024

Updated: Jan 15

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Linker Vision, an innovative leader in the fields of AI and computer vision and AI automation, garnered widespread attention at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA. The company, leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS), in collaboration with Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, showcased its leading Data-Centric Continuous Learning Platform and 5G AIoT Edge Solution to a global audience.

Linker Vision's Continuous Learning AI Platform achieves AI automation through its proprietary Data Engine, facilitating seamless adaptation of deep learning algorithms to diverse data from different scenarios and applications. This resolves significant industry challenges in AI deployment, including high data processing costs, difficulties in model generalization, and AI service replication.

At CES, Linker capitalized on the renowned Taiwan ICT technology to create a cloud-edge integrated 5G AIoT platform. This robust collaborative ecosystem empowers Linker VisionAI Platform with user-friendly, turnkey, off-the-shelf solutions, and competitive pricing advantages. More importantly, it addresses the complex integration challenges encountered in AI solution implementations using the core concepts of 5G AIoT.

Kaohsiung City Deputy Mayor, Lo Ta-Sheng, remarked, "Kaohsiung City Government has consistently supported industry-academia collaboration, actively providing a scalable technology verification field for 5G AIoT.  We look forward to Linker Vision's solutions assisting Taiwanese products in entering the global market, promoting Taiwan's technology on the international stage, fostering local development and extending its international reach."

Jang-Hwa Leu, Director-General of the Administration for Digital Industries, stated, "Linker Vision's technology holds a significant position in the software and AI industries, particularly providing a powerful tool for accelerating industrial AI transformation with large-scale image analysis. Leading Taiwan's AI technology development beyond semiconductors and hardware manufacturing, the company has pioneered new paths."

Paul Shieh, Founder and Chairman of Linker Vision, highlighted the crucial support of Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Kaohsiung City Government in the company's latest product launch. He noted that Linker Vision's AI platform not only integrates cutting-edge 5G AIoT technology but also demonstrates the company's innovation in the AI domain. He announced the AI platform's Software-as-a-Service offering through the AWS Marketplace globally, unlocking the doors to a vast global market and endless opportunities for Linker. 

Vijitha Chekuri, AWS Head of Compute GTM,  Automotive and Manufacturing, expressed, "Linker Vision is an important partner of AWS Marketplace, symbolizing the significant collaboration between the two parties." Through AWS Marketplace, global customers can easily subscribe to and utilize Linker Vision's advanced AI solutions."

The outcome of this four-way collaboration not only mark a milestone for Taiwan's AI industry but also deliver efficient, intelligent AI application services to global customers. Linker's VisionAI Platform showcased at CES 2024 heralds the global influence of Taiwan's technology and future business opportunities.

Photo of the Linker Vision booth at CES 2024, showcasing their innovative AI technology with vibrant displays and interactive demos.
Photo of the Linker Vision booth at CES 2024, showcasing their innovative AI technology with vibrant displays and interactive demos.

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