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New Era of Vision AI
Large Vision Model and Continuous Learning
from Cloud to Edge

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Full Stack
Computer Vision AI

Immersive 360° 8K AI Services

Mobility AI

Robotics AI

Drone AI

AI Factory

Retail AI

VMS Video Analytics


Innovative Technologies

Enterprise-Focused Large Vision Model

Large Vision Model (LVM) enables end-to-end vision-focused AI with data-centric insights, accelerated gereralized model development and efficient AI services duplication.

Zero-Shot Learning & Real-Time Model Update with Vision-Language Model

Leverage vision-language models for vision data discovery and curation, update inference model in real-time without new data and retrain

Domain-Optimized SAM Accelerates Data-Centric Continuous Learning

Accelerates enterprise AI development cycle through large vision model to optimize data processes and AI automation.

3D/2D Sensor Fusion & 360° 8K Perception for Unparalleled Accuracy and Immersive Experience

Cutting-edge sensor fusion and surround view AI brings accuracy and immersive experience, perfect for AI factory, mobility AI, robotics, drone and VMS video analytics.

Platform Architecture


Why Linker?


Data Acceleration

Speed up data & model iteration, potentially saving up to 90% of your AI development time.

Model Generalization

Generalized LVM creates accurate data & ready-to-use models 10x faster.

Service Replicability

Scale up service deployment efficiently with minimum effort.


Enterprise and Industrial Solutions