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Transform Your Video Streams into Strategic Insights

Experience the power of VisionAI and revolutionize your operations.


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Linker Vision Values

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Actionable Insights

Precise and actionable insight ensures safety in real-time

  • Wide variety of predictive alarms like fire, smoke, behavior prediction, PPE, etc.

  • Customizable parameters to minimize false alarms

  • Get alerted in no time, can trigger alarm system or push to smartphones.

Fully Customizable Rules

Unleash full potential of AI with composable event processing rules

  • Customize events by rule to satisfy limitless scenarios

    • Object presence/absence (PPE, loitering, left/removed object)

    • Object direction(wrong way)

    • Objects got close/apart (intrusion/danger zone, illegal parking, collision, fire extinguisher misplacement)

    • Object counts (queuing, crowding, traffic jam)

  • Multiple event rule composition


VisionAI - Rule Engine.png
VisionAI - Tasks.png

Active Learning

Keep track of unconfident data and retrain for better accuracy

  • Monitor and collect unconfident data automatically

  • No-code or low-code AI training

  • Continuous improving detection accuracy in the field

How It Works

Drift Data​ Collection

High-Impact Sampling

Model Retraining

High-Quality Training Data

Maximize the Impact of Your Camera Streams

Experience better safety and efficiency.

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