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The Future of Intelligent Workplace Safety is Now

Improve security visibility and response time in your workplace with cutting-edge Vision AI.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Predictive Safety


Prevent Hazard

Pipeline systems are vital arteries fueling the business. AI-automated pipeline visual inspection with PTZ camera can spot areas where repair and maintenance are required to prevent hazard way before it happens, e.g.

  • Detect Gas/Fluid Leaks

  • Detect Sparks/Smokes

  • Detect Rotten Pipes

Keep Away From Danger

To safely operate heavy equipment, Linker Vision uses virtual fencing to:

  • Warns when restricted area trespassing occurs or when dangerous equipment enters the safe zone.

  • Detect people and objects in danger zones around, covering blind spots for the operator

  • Make sure the operation conductor is present


Regulation Compliance

Leverage Linker Vision AI technology to enforce security procedure compliance of risky maintenance work, especially when working in confined spaces:

  • Detect proper PPE and safety equipment are present

  • The monitoring worker is present

  • Ensure operators check all prerequisites before proceeding with each step

Behavioral Prediction

Fall or slip can be fatal in certain situations. Our Vision AI can watch out for workers for you by:

  • Warn about high risk behavior

  • Alert when people fall and cannot get up on their own

  • Detect SOS gesture

  • Provide statistical insights regarding areas where fall/slip accidents occur often.

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Unique Use Cases

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Hot Work Protection

Ensure safety procedure compliance beforehand and detect traveling sparks that can cause a fire.

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CCTV Tamper Detection

Immediate alert when the camera is being blocked or turned away.

image 72.png
COVID-19 Control

Avoid overcrowding by counting people in and out, controlling entrance, and enforcing mask mandates.

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Intelligent Patrol

Equip your drone, robot, or patrol vehicle with custom Vision AI models to improve the security of every corner.

Linker Vision Values

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Predict Hazards Way Before It Happens

  • Detect early signs of hazards like rust, smoke, sparks

  • Keep a safe distance between workers and dangers

  • Enforce security compliance before and during high-risk operations


The Customizable and Adaptable AI You Need

  • Easily customize settings for the best performance

  • Configure and combine multiple rules & models to enforce compliance with regulations and SOP

  • Continuous learning to fulfill your requirements

  • Leverage existing cameras

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Every Corner 24/7

Save Cost and Effort on Safety without Missing a Thing

  • Efficient all-time remote monitoring

  • Quickly scale to every corner

  • Stable, reliable, accurate

  • Real-time actionable alerts and video analytics help you respond to potential risks in no time

Faster Continuous Learning

Our company is bringing AI to the workplace to comply with our mission and Linker’s worker safety solution can deliver the right value for us."

Jason Lin
Chairman, Formosa Plastics Group

Build a Safer Future

Protect Your Workers Now!

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