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Aerial Photo of a City

Transform Your City with
AI-Powered e-Bus

Embrace the future of urban management  with our mobility solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and quality of life for citizens.


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Linker Vision Values

Autonomous Driving - LiDAR - Segmentation.jpg

3D+2D Sensing

Precise Distance, Works Well In Poor Lighting

  • Works well at night, or when there are glares, cover conditions where cameras are limited.

  • 3D/2D multi-sensor fusion technology

  • Support long-distance solid-state LiDAR

End-To-End Integrated

Optimized for Production and Performance

  • Including full autonomous driving system stacks and end-user functions

  • Well-integrated with SoC, sensors, actuators

  • Automated low-code data-centric MLOps cycle

ai-7111802_1280 (1).webp

Continuous Learning

Faster Time-to-Market, Scalable When Expanding

  • Pre-trained AI beyond state of the art, including both 3D and 2D prediction

  • Trained with massive rare cases on the road globally

  • Continuous learning across development and production stages

Versatile Applications

ModelT模擬圖 - 透視角度.png

Traffic Relief

For Transportation Department

Get comprehensive real-time insights on traffic and parking to reduce congestion and improve mobility.

Safer for Everyone

For Police Department

Reveal dangerous behavior on the road to prevent accidents and protect lives.

Preventive Maintenance

For Public Works Department

Keep your roads in best condition with reliable and up-to-date road condition monitoring.

More Applications

更多應用 - 1.空汙.png
Exhaust Pollution Reporting

Improve air quality by identifying vehicles that generates massive visible exhaust.

更多應用 - 3.積水.png
Flood Reporting

Alert while there are flood or early signs of flood.

更多應用 - 2.工安.png
Construction Site Safety

Ensure safety compliance in restricted areas.

AI Traffic Analysis with Drone.jpg
Aerial Traffic Analysis

Provide comprehensive congestion and conflict risk insights

Faster Continuous Learning

City from Below

Be Part of the Change

Join us to create the cities of the future

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