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Warehouse Robot

Revolutionary AI Vision for Robotics

High-resolution 3D-LiDAR-based Vision AI navigates your mobile robots safer and faster.


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Linker Vision Values


Safe & Efficient with 3D LiDAR

Wide-Field-Of-View, High-Resolution, Precise Distance, Works Well In Poor Lighting

  • Works well at night, or when there are glares, cover conditions where cameras are limited.

  • 3D/2D multi-sensor fusion technology

  • Support high-resolution solid-state LiDAR

End-To-End Platform

Optimized for Production and Performance

  • Including full autonomous navigation system stacks and end-user functions

  • Well-integrated with SoC, sensors on robots

  • Automated low-code data-centric MLOps cycle

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Adaptive AI

Production-Ready AI, Easily Adapt to New Tasks

  • Pre-trained AI beyond state of the art, including both 3D and 2D prediction

  • Trained with massive rare cases in the field globally

  • Continuous learning across development and production stages

  • Doesn't require infrastructure installations, no need for a robot-only area.

3D Robot Vision for Better Safety & Efficiency

Obstacle Avoidance

Capable of safe & efficient navigation in a highly dynamic environment with wide-angle, high-definition 3D LiDAR by detecting:

  • Low-angle obstacles: feet, empty pallets, uneven ground, etc...

  • High-angle obstacles: Table, wall-mounted cabinets & shelves, etc...

  • Dynamic obstacles: people, robots, and vehicles

  • Other static obstacles like walls, pillars, and boxes.


Pallet Detection

With 3D pallet detection AI, robots can precisely navigate and search for target pallets around the drop zone, detect their location and angle, and pick it up automatically. Can even detect empty pallets on the floor to avoid collision.

Handle Objects with Complex Shape

With precise shape, location and orientation detected by 6D pose estimation AI, robots would know better how to move or interact with target objects accordingly


Pioneering 3D Solutions

Autonomous Vehicles

3D-sensor-fusion-enabled autonomous driving systems bring road safety to the next level.

Learn more...

3D LiDAR-based Autonomous Boat

LiDAR-enabled 3D AI vision navigates autonomous boats safely, even at night.

Medical Diagnosis

AI vision identifies potential disease patterns from medical images to help doctors diagnose patients quickly and accurately.

Faster Continuous Learning

Empower Your Robots with Linker Vision

Begin to Optimize Your Workflow.

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