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Next-Gen Visual Perception for Autonomous Vehicles

3D-Sensor-Fusion-Enabled autonomous driving systems bring road safety to the next level.


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Linker Vision Values

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Safer with 3D LiDAR

Precise Distance, Works Well In Poor Lighting

  • Works well at night, or when there are glares, cover conditions where cameras are limited.

  • 3D/2D multi-sensor fusion technology

  • Support long-distance solid-state LiDAR

End-To-End Platform

Optimized for Production and Performance

  • Including full autonomous driving system stacks and end-user functions

  • Well-integrated with SoC, sensors, actuators

  • Automated low-code data-centric MLOps cycle

ai-7111802_1280 (1).webp

Production-Grade AI

Faster Time-to-Market, Scalable When Expanding

  • Pre-trained AI beyond state of the art, including both 3D and 2D prediction

  • Trained with massive rare cases on the road globally

  • Continuous learning across development and production stages

Safer Autonomous Driving

Collision Avoidance

Rear-end collision is the most frequent automobile accident, especially when driving at high speed. Our 3D sensor fusion technology combines data from both LiDAR and camera so that the system can better sense the categories and distances of approaching obstacles without being affected by poor lighting conditions. Effectively prevent car accidents.

Lane Keeping

Lane marking detection brings extra safety to autonomous driving. Alert drivers when departing from the lane or even keep away from the curb to avoid crashes. The system can also steer actively and gently to help drivers keep their vehicles within the lane during long-distance driving, preventing unintended straying.


Driver Monitoring

Drowsy driving contributed to an estimated 9.5% of all crashes. Our facial keypoint detection technology, with an infrared camera, can work at night, even when the driver wears sunglasses, to detect driver drowsiness or inattention. Prompt notification when the driver gets tired or distracted; also warns that the autonomous driving system may disengage for better road safety.

Unique Use Cases

image 68.png
Traffic Sign Recognition

Detect speed limit signs to help driver stays within speed limits. In case the driver or the GPS data missed anything.

Automnuous Driving.jpg
Autonomous Driving Visualizations

Transparently shows what the AI model sees, making it more predictable to the driver regarding how the autonomous driving system works.

image 69.png
Adaptive Driving Beam

Automatically adjust beam directions according to detected lane marks and dim for oncoming vehicles/pedestrians while keeping high-beam lights on at night.

Faster Continuous Learning

Futuristic Car

Empower Your EV with Linker Vision

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