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Linker Vision is Looking to Expand its Crowdsourcing Pest Control Platform Globally

Linker Vision’s Crowdsourcing Pest Control Platform, Grows 50,000 Users in 3 Months, Now Aiming for Global Expansion

Linker Vision, a vision AI solution company, just finished the launch campaign of its crowdsourcing pest control platform in Taiwan. In only three months, the platform quickly grew to 50,000 users, now prepared to expand its service globally. Linker Vision integrated cutting-edge deep learning AI with user-friendly chatbots, making pest reporting easier and maximizing geographical coverage. The platform currently helps the government of Taiwan with dengue mosquito control, which can also be leveraged to control malaria or many other vector-borne diseases worldwide.

The pest species identification AI is trained on more than 150,000 image labels of 9 mosquito species of both male/female, also including larvae/eggs. With the help of their Auto-Labeling Platform, which creates high-quality labels quickly, the resulting identification accuracy of the AI model is higher than 95% on average.

Just by uploading a mosquito photo to the chatbot using a smartphone, users can get the identification result within a second. It saves more than 70% pest reporting time without the need to involve professionals or specialized equipment. Currently, the platform chatbot only supports LINE. However, support for more instant messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram is on the way.

Governments and professionals can easily monitor hotspots in real-time and minimize response time to control pest species. Linker Vision initially cooperated with local governments in Taiwan and planning to expand globally, starting with India, Singapore, Argentina, and more.

When the platform launched in July, Chung-Pin Chou, the Chief Secretary of the Industrial Development Bureau, appreciated Mayer Huang and Tainan City Government's full support. He mentioned that we have proved in the first phase of the project that the platform works in 10 districts in Tainan. He looks forward to seeing global expansion in phase two of the platform this year.

Dr. Ray Wang, Business Development Manager of Linker Vision, stated, "For anyone who wants to contribute to pest control with AI-assisted reporting. Check our official website ( and leave your email to get involved."

About Linker Vision

Linker Vision (previously Linker Networks) was founded in 2013 by Paul Shieh in Boston. The company develops AI platforms to accelerate vision AI time-to-value for autonomous vehicles, robotics, and workplace safety solutions.

Image 1: AI Pest Control Platform Launch Event in Tainan, Taiwan
Image 1: AI Pest Control Platform Launch Event in Tainan, Taiwan

Image 2: AI identification result on both mosquito/larva/egg.
Image 2: AI identification result on both mosquito/larva/egg.

Image 3: AI-powered pest reporting chatbot
Image 3: AI-powered pest reporting chatbot

Image 4: Pest reporting heatmap
Image 4: Pest reporting heatmap/hotspots

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